maandag, december 27, 2004

Coupon bij sigaretten (news)

An Australian smoker found the coupon of a lifetime in a pack of cigarettes -- good for one free lung. Bob Zebriski, 42, the lucky recipient, has been a smoker since he was eight years old. "I was out one day, looking for work, when I stopped by my local convenience store to buy a pack of smokes," says Zebriski. "After making ten bucks from buying beer for some punk kids hanging around outside the store, I went back in and bought a pack of my usual brand -- G'day, Mate cigarettes. I opened it and this golden ticket that said 'One free lung' popped out. For a minute I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Unbeknownst to Zebriski, that pack of cigarettes was part of a special promotion. Greg Warren, a spokesman for G'day, Mate, explains: "We just thought up this crazy idea where we would give away a free lung in a pack of cigarettes! And they say cigarette companies don't have a sense of humor. Wrong! We may not have a heart, but we sure do have lung!" Says Zebriski: "I've lately been coughing up blood in the morning, so I think I may be using that coupon soon!"